Beats - Dance Competition by Khalbali Club

Khalbali, the students’ club of the students of the Shanti Communication School organised Beats with an objective of beating the academic rigour away. An Intra-college activity that enabled the budding managers to let their hair loose and showcase their talent, turned out to be a big draw. The sprawling staircase of SBS was turned into an impromptu auditorium and the stage was set afire with all genres of dancing and music. The non stop applause was not only meant for the performers on the stage but also for the organizational skills of the students in putting the event together. Karishma Sharma, the winner of the dance competition in solo category, amazed the audience with her Leja Leja performance Suhani Patel, the runner up in solo category performed brilliantly in her radha avatar. Kajal Singh, Chittvan Shah, Rushab Shah, Chandani Golecha, Ruchika Gohel, Bhoomika Mehta were the Winners in Group Dance Category. The group enthralled the audience to the Beats of Dilli Wali Girlfriend.

Expert Talk On Bluedart Operations

Shanti Business School has always been welcoming CEOs and Management Gurus for an expert talk about the industry. SBS Students learn the supply chain management fundamentals in their initial trimesters and we wanted them to have an industry overview of how the logistics and operations actually work. So we invited Mr. Sandeep  Petkar, Western India Head-Sales for an expert talk on Express Industry and Its Operations at Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad.

Students Engrossed In Supply Chain Management Discussions
Mr.  Sandeep Petkar has got more than 17 years of industry experience and he started his career with Bluedart and has been serving bluedart since the beginning of his career. Mr. Petkar was accompanied by Omprakash Todwal, who is shining the chair as a Regional Head- HR for Western India at BlueDart. Mr. Todwal has more than 15 years of experience and he has been working with BlueDart for more than 6 years.’

Mr. Petkar Sharing Insights On Bluedart Operations

Mr. Petkar started with a brief overview on the Express Industry in terms of logistics management and Operational processes. The PGDM students started sharing their experiences about the courier industry; they asked many interesting questions to get the technical knowhow behind the smooth operations of Bluedart operations. Mr. Petkar along with giving macro insights also focused on the Management Information System, the logistics involved including all the processes of the supply chain management. Starting from the philosophy behind the vision and mission of Bluedart he explained all the services provided by Bluedart.

Students were amazed to see how bluedart manages to work in a non convenient time frame of the day and how it delivers the value through this USP. He talked about the aviation industry and how other key players in the express industry use its commercial aviation for their logistics operations. Bluedart has its own set of dedicated aviation to support their time definite morning deliveries through night freighter flight operations.
Discussions On Surfaceline- Concept Introduced by Bluedart.

The session ended with the concept of Surfaceline introduced by Bluedart. It is an economical, door-to-door, ground distribution service to over 33,742 locations in India for shipments weighing 10 kgs and above. It offers a Cost effective logistics option for your less time-sensitive shipment. Mr. Petkar highlighted the importance of customer convenience and how the customer can track the shipment over the net and the customer helpline available to receive information on the status of your shipment. The Clients can also view, download and print copies of Proof Of Deliveries and Delivery challans of Dart Surfaceline shipments.In the end, students had a one on one interaction with the speakers and the speakers were happy to engage themselves in guiding students for their doubts and explaining career prospects in the express industry..